Back To School Strategies For Your High School Student

This week we conclude our planning for the new school year with a look at steps to take with your high schoolers.  While some of the same considerations hold true for elementary and middle school-aged kids, such as nutrition, rest, open conversations, purchasing school supplies and the like, other factors gain importance for older students.

The greatest focus should be on your child’s plans for “life after high school.” Planning ahead can make life-changing differences and our Lee County schools offer a great selection of schools, curriculum, activities and courses to meet the specific needs of each child. For many teenagers, this step calls for an emphasis on study habits, grades and eventually, college applications.  Despite temptations to the contrary, one of a parent’s greatest gifts to their high school-aged child is paying close attention to academics.  The college selection process for top colleges continues to become more competitive.  Good grades and a well-rounded school performance can make a big difference in college selection and access to scholarship funds. Teachers and guidance counselors can often be your biggest ally here.

The other major consideration for parents of high schoolers, is socialization, and this requires balance and awareness.  Ideally, we want to encourage our kids to enjoy a well-rounded high school experience, filled with friends and plenty of extra-curricular activities. It’s equally important however, for parents to make sure that after-school pursuits don’t interfere with school success. Sadly, we also live in a time when bullying, peer pressures and internet influences can cause problems. It’s never been more important for parents to keep lines of communication open, get to know their children’s friends, and understand what happens to their kids in the course of everyday life.

High school can be a very enjoyable and positive part of a person’s life.  With your active assistance and involvement, this can be true for your student.