Artist of the Week – Sandra Lett

Today’s Welcome To Sanford Artist of the Week is Sanford acrylic painting specialist Sandra Lett. Sandra excels at bringing color, love and positive energy into every piece of work she creates. With over 2 decades of painting experience, Sandra is exceptionally skilled at pulling together dynamic colors and stimulating visual appearances in to her work. Sandra operates a studio in the Steele Street Mall in downtown Sanford, where she paints, teaches lessons and hosts entertaining paint parties and group events. Her work has been featured in numerous galleries over the years and she has received recognition in shows, exhibitions and competitions throughout North Carolina and in other locales including Manhattan, Cincinnati and Annapolis. Sandra’s art was featured in the Temple Theater for the month of December last year.

Sandra loves her work and is enthusiastic about the impact it has on her and those who experience it, commenting “being an artist is at the heart of my soul. It has been my passion for several decades. Art chose me … brushing each stroke of paint or pouring color onto canvas is therapeutic and healing for me. Art can change my attitude in an instant. I love what I do and love the outcome of what can be created with my hands. I want to move my viewer in a way that transforms their day or mood into something positive and inspiring.”

Sandra’s subjects cover a wide range of themes, including landscapes, wildlife, florals, still life, abstracts, as well as a technique known as acrylic pours. In fact, you can even witness Sandra creating an acrylic pour piece of art, by visiting her popular YouTube channel, or clicking on this image.


Here’s how Sandra describes her approach to painting, noting that “I choose to embrace a passion for color, love, and positive energy through my artwork. I feel that color and the beauty of nature speak a deep and uplifting language. I enjoy multiple styles of art, be it realism, a whimsical style or the pure freedom of an abstract or acrylic pour. Art gives me reason to pause and dip my toes in the luxuriousness of color, to feel the silky stroke of the brush, and to submerge myself in that beautiful, colorful plane of the imagination; where I forget about reality and bathe myself in something other-worldly.”

To see several examples of Sandra’s work, inquire about purchasing her art, or to sign up for lessons or find out more about groups events, please visit her website. She can also be reached by email at or by phone at 252-452-0269. Sandra is also active on social media, on platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Twitter.

Artist of the Week is a feature that is devoted to Sanford’s dynamic arts community and the hundreds of talented individuals who are a part of it. Painters — potters — performing artists — musicians and much more! If you, or someone you know, is deserving of recognition, please click here, or on the Artist of Week badge and fill out a nomination document.