Artist of the Week – Jeanne Rhea

Our latest Welcome To Sanford Artist of the Week is mixed media artist Jeanne Rhea. Jeanne is the founder of the Carolina Mixed Media Art Guild and a member of the Sanford Brush & Palette Club. As the phrase “mixed media” implies, Jeanne loves working in a wide variety of artistic formats, including inks, oils, mixed media paintings and mixed media 3D art.

Jeanne has had a life-long passion for arts and crafts. She is self-taught and draws her inspiration from a full spectrum of interests and experiences, including nature, colors, patterns, fractals, photomicrography, life experiences and the creative process itself. The end results are an amazing assembly of vibrant colors, shapes, textures, styles and themes.

Asked to describe her work and her approach, Jeanne comments, “Using a variety of inks, I am able to create a broad range of effects that are reminiscent of microorganisms, the arctic tundra, mudflats, terraced earth, the cosmos, sea life, flowers, surrealistic landscapes and more. These patterns and designs are dependent on many factors including the humidity, the temperature, the chemical and physical makeup of the inks, the viscosity of the inks and the porosity of the substrate.”

Unlike many artists who offer prints, and occasionally even merchandise such as coffee mugs and refrigerator magnets, Jeanne believes in truly making each work she creates be a “one-of-a-kind” expression. She never makes prints or variations of pieces she’s done previously. Each work has its own unique pattern, design, vibrancy and personality. You can see plenty of examples of Jeanne’s work, learn more about her artistry and contact her, by visiting You can also follow Jeanne on her Facebook page.

Artist of the Week is a feature that is devoted to Sanford’s dynamic arts community and the hundreds of talented individuals who are a part of it. Painters — potters — performing artists — musicians and much more! If you, or someone you know, is deserving of recognition, please click here, or on the Artist of Week badge and fill out a nomination document.