Artist of the Week – Doug Rowe

Our Welcome To Sanford Artist of the Week is Doug Rowe. A popular and celebrated local painter, Doug is affectionately known by many local residents as “the airplane guy.” Doug’s passion for painting aviation subjects and American flags is well known and a reflection of his life experiences. Doug was born at Whiteman Air Force Base and predominantly raised in nearby Kansas City. After earning a degree in Commercial Art at the University of Central Missouri, Doug joined the United States Air Force. He served as an instructor pilot at Reese Air Force in Lubbock, TX and as an aircraft commander at Pope AFB in Fayetteville, NC.

Although Doug’s works cover a wide range of subjects and styles, and includes portraits, landscapes and still life, his ability to capture the spirit and majesty of air travel has brought enjoyment to wcountless people across the country throughout Doug’s career.

Doug comments, ” It is hard to put into words what it is about aviation that captivates me. I am striving to be able to take the viewer to places I’ve been and capture the things I’ve experienced in aviation. My best attempt is to depict the ability to leave earthbound restrictions and soar above the clouds. When I view God’s magnificent creation from a totally new perspective. It is the powerful thrust that catapults the pilot into the air and the fusion of man and machine to accomplish incredible feats of airmanship.”

Doug is a member of the Sanford Brush & Palette Club and his artwork has earned several honors and awards at the club’s annual art shows, as well as other local and regional competitions. The piece called Blue Bottle Peppers & Pewter Bowl was recipient of the 1st Merit Award at the 53rd Annual Art Show in October 2017. Eggs, Grapes & Rolls was named Best in Show, at the club art show in October 2018. Doug has also earned awards at International Aviation Art Shows held throughout the country, in locales including Palm Springs, CA, Hampton, VA and Kalamazoo, MI.


Doug’s flag series is called “Fabric of Our Freedom.” It includes historical and modern-day flags and reflects Doug’s love of country, Creator and art. According to Doug, “the red, white and blue of the American flags also produce a sense of awe in me as they represent how this nation was founded on Godly principles that encourage humility, grace, benevolence toward others, and personal growth in service to God and our fellow man.”

Doug’s art has also been exhibited in the Wall Street Journal, and at The San Diego Air & Space Museum, Palm Springs Air Museum, Virginia Air & Space Museum, Baltimore-Washington Thurgood Marshall International Airport, SimuFlite at the Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport, the Fine Arts Center in Battle Creek, MI, and The TWA Museum at the Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport in Kansas City, MO. You can see a full selection of Doug’s work, inquire about lessons and upcoming events, and learn more about Doug and his art at Doug can be contacted directly at 919-499-8686 or

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