Artist of the Week – Chris Dalton

Our Welcome To Sanford Artist of the Week is popular local artist Chris Dalton. A self-taught artisan, Chris has mastered several styles of art throughout her career, including painting, sculpture, murals, figurines and much more. Over the years, her artistry has even extended to giant pears, duck decoys and carousel horses. A Sanford resident since 2010, Chris is also an active member of the Sanford Brush & Palette Club, where she has won several awards in the club’s annual art shows.

It’s quite possible that Chris is the “most viewed” local artist in Sanford, as one of the two primary muralists in Sanford’s Mural Arts Program. Chris has been involved in 5 murals to date, including Off To War, Dream and 2019’s first completed work, the interactive piece called Bringing The Arts Together.

Chris’ creativity and embrace of numerous art styles, helped create the first two 3-D murals in North Carolina. The whimsical Fairview Dairy mural commemorates the dairy’s heritage dating back nearly a century and features two multi-dimensional cows; one of which stares around the corner at a carton of milk. Sanford’s agricultural heritage is featured in the Tobacco History mural, which includes a 3-D mule in process of taking tobacco to market.


Chris is active in the arts community. She’s taught art classes at the Stevens Center and is a frequent contributor to many activities in Sanford and nearby communities. The Johnny Cash portrait pictured beside Chris was featured in a multi-media event at the Temple Theatre. Chris has also participated in the Healing Ceiling program, a North Carolina-based non-profit that provides artwork that can be viewed by patients at Cancer Treatment Centers in the area


Our final work of art from Chris is a massive pear creation, which she models alongside acclaimed Sanford art teacher and educator Wendy Bryant.

Artist of the Week is a feature that is devoted to Sanford’s dynamic arts community and the hundreds of talented individuals who are a part of it. Painters — potters — performing artists — musicians and much more!  If you, or someone you know, is deserving of recognition, please click here, or on the Artist of Week badge and fill out a nomination document.