Artist of the Week – Addison Horner

Our Welcome to Sanford Artist of the Week is Addison Horner. A Sanford native, Addison’s musical career has taken him to Central Florida, where he stays very busy writing and performing songs, arranging a cappella music for performing groups across the country, and teaching dozens of students piano, guitar and voice.

Addison has been busy recently with a variety of musical projects. He released a single, “Los Angeles Sunrise,” with Abigail Cline which you can listen to on Spotify.

Earlier this year he also released a mash-up of the viral song from Netflix’s “The Witcher” and the classic tune “There’s A Hole In My Bucket.” Click on the video below to check it out!

It’s not surprising to learn that music is very personal for Addison.  He comments, “It’s easiest for me to write about the things I understand on an emotional level. Out of the hundreds of songs I’ve written, most are about my faith, my relationships with other people, and my marriage. For example, Shoot for the Moon came naturally for me because of my experience at Space Camp as a child. I could channel the awe and inspiration of space travel and moon landings into an anthem for persevering through seemingly insurmountable obstacles.”

From his formative years, learning to play classical piano from the age of four, to his involvement as a Temple Youth performer, music has always played a defining role in Addison’s life. His plans to study international relations at Elon University got derailed in his first semester, when he took a music theory course. Soon Addison was playing in a pop-rock ensemble and the rest was history.

These days, much of Addison’s musical profile appears online. He regularly posts to his Facebook page about his upcoming projects and updates. He also has a YouTube channel with dozens of uploads including original song demos, instrumental versions of popular songs, a relaxing music section, a Hashtag Music series of online music lessons, and a clever feature called 2 Minute Improv, where he composes brief 2 minute songs on the spot.  Addison is also active on Instagram, where his piano instruction activities have led to presentations at national and international conferences, including the International Society for Music Education in Glasgow, UK. Addison also has a Patreon where you can support him financially in exchange for exclusive content, sneak peaks at his upcoming release and more!

However … not everything Addison does these days is limited to the internet. After Addison’s friend and fellow Sanford native Britton Buchanan finished as second place winner on NBC’s The Voice, he asked Addison to join him for a few shows in Summer of 2018.  They wound up doing 3 high-energy shows as a duo in Raleigh and in Norfolk, VA.

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