Apply Good Sense To Appliance Purchases

One often overlooked big ticket expense in households is home appliances. Total up the cost of items such as refrigerators, washers, dryers and stoves and the cumulative number can get pretty big. Fortunately there are some established tactics that can help reduce the overall cost of household appliances. Here are 3 good concepts to consider.

Know The “Real” Price – According to a study by Consumer Reports, only a third of shoppers attempted to negotiate the price on appliances, but those that did realized an average savings of $100. If the store is unable to reduce the ticket price, they may be willing to provide free delivery, or haul away the old appliance at not cost. Most major appliance sellers will also match competitor’s prices. In some cases, they’ll even discount below the competition price.

Don’t Go Overboard – Many new appliances have plenty of bells and whistles, but they may not be the type of features that will be of value in your home. If you’re considering a new fridge for example, make sure the smart technology is something you will make use of. In addition, sometimes products that have a lower ticket price will cost more in upkeep. And in nearly every case, extended warranties are another unnecessary expense. If you maintain (and document the care of) your appliances, standard manufacturer warranties should suffice.

Value Old Appliances – This advice takes on 2 forms. As with cars, used appliances are considerably better values. Many leading appliance stores offer deep discounts on scratch & dent specials. With a little bit of work, you can usually find “like new” products at significant savings. Second, value the appliance you are retiring. If it’s still in good running order, offset some of the cost of buying your new item by getting a little in return for the old one. If Craig’s List-type activity isn’t in your comfort zone, donate it to a worthwhile cause. At the very least, consider selling your broken appliance for scrap metal. Any savings you realize will help stretch your budget further.