Annika Squires – East Lee Middle School

Our Welcome To Sanford Teacher of the Week is Annika Squires of East Lee Middle School. Ms. Squires teaches seventh-grade science, is Science Department Chair, a School Improvement Team member, the MTSS Data Team Lead and has been a Rocket for three of her seven-year teaching career. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Literature, Arts and Science from the University of Michigan and a MAT in Secondary History from Columbus State University.

Ms. Squires has a reputation among her colleagues for being knowledgeable and committed and passionate about her work. She believes that all children are capable of learning, noting that “All children have the potential to learn as long as we, as teachers, can tap into their strengths and interests.”

The teaching accomplishment Ms. Squires is proudest of comes when she is able to stimulate students’ learning with new teaching techniques. She observes, “I am proudest of attempting new strategies and methods of teaching to reach/engage as many students as I can.” In her free time, Ms. Squires enjoys traveling.