Amanda Zeh – Greenwood Elementary

Our Teacher of the Week is Amanda Zeh, a physical education teacher at Greenwood Elementary School, where she was recognized as teacher of the year. Ms. Zeh is a graduate of Lenoir-Rhyne University and just completed her 9th year as an elementary school physical education instructor.

Ms. Zeh says her last name rhymes with “play,” and that’s an appropriate description of the enthusiasm she brings to her classes and the school as a whole. Her peers admire Ms. Zeh’s focus on student excellence and her creative ability to incorporate subjects like reading, writing, math and science into her phys ed classes.

Ms. Zeh’s overriding goal is for her kids to enjoy exercise and to practice healthy habits. It’s widely believed that Ms. Zeh knows all 700 students by name, at Greenwood, where Aimee Petarca has served as principal.