Alease Young – J.R. Ingram Elementary

Our latest Welcome To Sanford Teacher of the Week is Alease Young of J.R. Ingram Elementary School. Ms. Young is a third-grade reading teacher and has been a part of the Ingram family for the past 3 years of her 18-year teaching career. Ms, Young has an extensive academic background that includes degrees from Rutgers University, Philadelphia Biblical University, the University of Phoenix, and Grand Canyon University. She holds Masters of Science degrees in Christian Counseling & School Counseling, and Educational Leadership.

Ms. Young’s teaching philosophy is simply the belief that teaching is the key to learning.  She comments, “Teaching unlocks the door to an individual becoming a productive member in society. It is my view that there is joy in learning and sharing information, ideas and methods.”

If you asked Ms. Young how her fellow educators would describe her, she would say “I truly hope that my colleagues would see me as a kind, compassionate and caring person. I would hope that they see my love for each of my students and my genuine desire to see them succeed educationally.”

In her free time, Ms. Young enjoys spending time with her friends, watching television and reading. She also loves to try new things, and looks forward to exploring some of the local state parks.