Added Accents

The Welcome to Sanford Business of the Week this week is Added AccentsAdded Accents is a boutique which has been in Sanford since 1997 selling clothing, jewelry, home accessories, shoes and more. They were located on Wicker St. Location until 2008, when they moved to their current location on Steele St.

Owner Ashley Whitaker, a Sanford native, loves the energy of downtown. Since joining the business in 2017, she has experienced a noticeable increase in foot traffic as a result of the revitalization of downtown Sanford in recent years. With lots of great food, places like the Temple Theater and a variety of retail options, downtown Sanford has something for everybody!

Whitaker picks out each item herself, choosing unique, hip and sophisticated products for an affordable price that can make great gifts. In the future she hopes to see Added Accents thrive with new products and fresh ideas.

Serving on the Downtown Sanford Inc. board, Whitaker hopes to give back to the community and to see Sanford continue to grow in the year to come.

To learn more about Added Accent, visit their Facebook page or their website.

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