Adcock Creates 3-D Virtual Seating Feature For Temple Theatre

Are you ready to attend an upcoming show, concert or event at the Temple Theatre, Sanford’s live entertainment showplace? Do you want to envision the view from your seat, or get a better feel for the experience?  You’re in luck!

Adcock & Associates Real Estate & Auction has created and donated a 3-D Interactive Virtual Reality Tour that allows people to gain the full Temple Theatre experience. Viewers have the ability to take control and literally “walk” through the building … locating seats, taking in the view from the stage, and exploring the entire facility.

According to Adcock & Associates co-owner Steve Malloy, “We’re trying hard to be among Sanford’s biggest cheerleaders. Any opportunity we get to showcase the great things about Sanford and to help our businesses and attractions grow and succeed, we want to consider. We use 3-D drone technology to showcase some of the properties we sell.  It seemed like a natural, to use this same approach to help people really get the full Temple Theatre experience.”

Malloy, who is also a board member on the recently created Sanford Tourism Development Authority, sees the virtual tour as one of many ways to help tourists and potential new residents see everything that Sanford and Lee County have to offer. “When we’re in discussions with out-of-town families and businesses, they’re usually impressed when they see all the amenities and quality-of-life attributes we have to offer.  It’s always nice to be able to tell Sanford’s story.”

Adcock & Associates Real Estate & Auction is also the corporate sponsor and a founding organization of this Welcome To Sanford website.  Experience the tour first-hand he re. Or for an added adventure, drop by the Adcock offices at 1101 South Horner Boulevard for a pair of Virtual Reality glasses to take in the theatre in full virtual reality.