A Musical Weekend In Sanford!

Central North Carolina is home to a great number of talented musicians, so it’s never hard to find great local music in Sanford! Today we’ll be taking a look at two groups performing here this weekend.

Today, January 24, at 7:30 pm The British Invaders will be taking over the Temple theater with music from the English rock bands of the 1960s. Come listen to covers from bands such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, and more.

The members of The British Invaders have a keen eye for detail when it comes to staying faithful to the time period, wearing vintage 1960s suits and using the exact vintage instruments originally used to create these songs.

You can get tickets for the concert by clicking here, or by calling the Temple Box Office at 919-774-4155.

Next, Workin’ On Commission will be performing at the Mann Center of North Carolina on Saturday, January 5 at 7:00 pm. Workin’ On Commission is a Sanford-based band that performs covers of songs from artists like The Eagles, Tom Petty, Guns ‘N’ Roses, Queen, and more. Band members Jeff Wilder, Jeff Alverson, Kimberly Morrill, Jeff Brown, Ron Miller, and Daryl Perry have years of experience covering musical genres from jazz to heavy metal. 

Learn more and get tickets at the Mann Center website.

No matter the time of year, there is always great music happening in Sanford, so make sure to check back every Friday for the latest on Sanford performances, music and events. Follow us on Facebook to get updates on all of our articles!