2020 Land Use Progress Continues

The region’s 10 year planning blueprint for growth and land use continues on its path to official approval later this year.

According to Sanford City Director of Planning & Community Development Marshall Downey, 2016 public hearings and ongoing work by city planning department employees has the 2020 Land Use Plan on schedule for adoption and public use. Pending approval by Sanford City Council and Lee County Commissioners, the plan becomes the working referral guideline for land use and property development decisions in the region between 2020 and 2030.

The next step in the process is submission to the Joint Planning Commission for review, comments and approval.  Upon acceptance, the 2020 Lands Use Plan will play a key role in helping property owners and government officials in Sanford, Broadway and Lee County chart effective growth strategies for the immediate on long-range future.

For more coverage about the land use plan, read Zachary Horner’s recent article in The Sanford Herald.